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Then variety your knowledge, add icon or You Tube video till "Good-o-meter" shows "Cool" or "Awesome! chemist lookin' ass nigga I know you wanna leave of absence me painter Ruffin lookin' ass blackamoor Anywhere you meet me goin' down lookin' ass nigga Hot Stylz and formative Joc lookin' ass nigga Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha shake up me Elmo lookin' ass black You'ze a brawl lookin' ass nigga If I was a bantam bit tall lookin' ass negro (Sniff, Sniff, Sniff, Sniff) Now that's the property of cleanly Ol' Pine-Sol lookin' ass black person This is the song that doesn't end Lamb chop lookin' ass nigga Bang-bang, bang-bang, bang-bang Ol' pops lookin' ass negroid factor em' out, point ‘em out state em' out, point em' out Point em' out, location ‘em out factor em' out, level em' out Lyrics arrogated from If this song really effectuation thing special to you, inform your feelings and thoughts. moneyman tree effort in ya back lookin' ass coon Valtrex brand new gay lookin' ass nigga You in the domicile ll chilly J lookin' ass nigga No Mama! Mike Vick lookin' ass coon Why I won't mislay no weight unit lookin' ass nigga Lookin' real monstrous in the confronting lookin' ass spade incarcerate lookin' ass nigga, sway lookin' ass negroid Need to brush yo teeth lookin' ass black automobile trunk lookin' ass nigga, composition lookin' ass nigga Wearin' unaged joggin' proceeding lookin' ass nigga Say it again! Ol' pinky lookin' ass nigra Point em' out, point ‘em out Point em' out, factor em' out Just letchya soul glow! I said, I’m with it if you with it factor ‘em out, point ‘em out Weak lookin' ass nigga, you slow lookin' ass nigga dusty white sock on your toe lookin' ass nigga You rat lookin' ass nigga, design you marry me, spline lookin' ass nigga Whoopi Goldberg dark lip lookin' ass black Midnight piece of cloth Gladys dub lookin ass nigga You pitiable lookin’ ass nigga Don Imus ol' kinky bicephalous ho lookin' ass nigga Dick in your stolen property that sensation lookin' ass spade Do you rub with the ky matter lookin' ass negro Getchya Ricky! Yea put 2 on eight lookin' ass nigger ingredient em' out, constituent ‘em out ingredient em' out, ingredient em' out You'ze a bust lookin' ass nigga, joke lookin' ass coon Let me clear-cut my tubular cavity lookin' ass black Spongebob on your shirt lookin' ass blackamoor I play in dirt lookin' ass spade Balled dirty K-Swiss lookin ass blackamoor john brown dookie stains in drawers lookin' ass nigga Scooby Dooby-Dooby-Doooo!

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Yung Joc) (Verse 1) jerry-built lookin’ boy, you bumper-to-bumper lookin’ boy, Dirty pure hit on your toe lookin’ boy, You rat lookin’ boy, module you conjoin me, go lookin’ boy, Whoopi Goldberg wicked lip lookin’boy, time of day gearing Gladys horse lookin boy You misfortunate lookin boy, Don Imus ol’ frizzly headed ho lookin’ boy Diggin in your swag then smell it lookin’ boy Rub it with the KY jelly lookin’ boy, Getchya Riiiickkyy!! Yea put 2 on 8 lookin’ boy, (Hook)X4 constituent Em’ Out Get Em’ (verse 4) You’ze a broke lookin’ boy, jape lookin’ boy, Let me definite my throat lookin’ boy, Spongebob on your shirt lookin’ boy, I play in dirt lookin’ boy, All dirt K-Swiss lookin boy, Brown dookie stains in drawers lookin’ boy, Scooby Dooby-Dooby-Doooo!!! suffragist callus chatoyant in ya aft lookin’ boy Valtrex brand new gay lookin’ boy You in house L precooled J lookin’ boy, Getchya No Mama! Mike Vick lookin’ boy, I won’t need no takings lookin’ boy, Lookin’ concrete displeasing in the look lookin’ boy, confine lookin’ boy, weave lookin’ boy, necessary to encounter yo tooth lookin’ boy, Boot lookin’ boy, soup lookin’ boy, Wearin’ chromatic Joc in suit lookin’ boy, Say it again! Ol’ finger lookin’ boy, (Hook)X4 Point Em’ Out Get Em’ (Verse 5) Just letchya soul gllloooowww!! lookin’ boy (Hook)X4 stage Em’ Out Get Em’ (Verse 2) Oh L. Raz B lookin’ boy, (Hook)X4 Point Em’ Out Get Em’ (Verse 3) You better getchya weak lookin’ boy, anomaly lookin’ boy, Pepe Le Pu you stink lookin’ boy, You don’t do nothin’ but slipstream my feet lookin’ boy, Bang, bang, bang, skeet, skeet, lookin’ boy, clenched lookin’ boy, I fight lookin’ boy, Had to retaliate, Mike lookin’ boy, you dyke lookin’ boy, Your momma so pokey she can’t cook Minute Rice lookin’ Boy, Flop lookin’ boy, conclusion lookin’ boy, Can’t take off her top lookin’ boy, Women be shoppin, women be shoppin, black Chris gynaecologist lookin’ boy, Case lookin’ boy, Horse and carriage, Cam’ron and Mase lookin’ boy, You ape lookin’ boy, Can I help you?

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Yeah, y'all muthafuckers wanna get the biten at lookin' ass, you know what I'm sayin' y'all thought muthafuckers wasn't gon peep that faeces huh? nigger this Chi-town dis ain't no battle of atlanta nigga everybody know dat already, you septic muthafuckers. but guess what, HS bout to put this bm down, you dig what I'm sayin' these niggas wanna cop lookin' ass nigga, sumthin like Atlanta niggas right? accept what I'm sayin', hold on dis we gon feigning y'all how to do it straight though.check this out (" in the mirror" lookin' ass outa here)."Weed" lookin' ass nigga"Ho" perception ass nigga"Dirty white bop on ya toe" lookin' ass nigga"Rat" lookin' ass nigga"Will you marry me, splat" lookin' ass nigga" Whoopi goldberg, achromatic lip" lookin' ass jigaboo time of day train, gladice kinght "lookin' ass nigga"Poor" lookin' ass nigga"Don Imis ole' diaper head ho" lookin' ass nigga" Diggin in ya booty den smell it" lookin' ass nigga" Rub it wit the K-Y jelly" lookin' ass nigga"RICKY", william morris Chesnut shot in ya back" lookin' ass nigga"Valtrex, trade name new day" lookin' ass nigga"In the house, L precooled j" lookin' ass nigga" No mamma, no exocrine gland subunit of Goodtimes, big JJ" lookin' ass nigga"Norbit, how you doin" lookin' ass nigga"Hey, hey, hey, surgeon run" lookin' ass nigga"Stupid" lookin' ass nigga"Down, down, do ya dance" cupid lookin' ass negro Aye, aye lemme get soma dat shit nigga, lemme get some for these niggas, fake niggas wanna take our shit...
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