Red Cross gearing up for Hurricane Zeta


Hoover, Ala. (WIAT) – The American Red Cross, based in the Birmingham area, is helping out in Mobile, Alabama, when Hurricane Zeta lands.

According to spokeswoman Annette Rowland, at least 30 Alabama volunteers arrived in Mobile yesterday to seek refuge. 15 are from the Birmingham area.

She says her primary privilege is to help people hit by the hurricane seek shelter and have enough supplies to deal with the aftermath.

The shelter follows COVID-19 safety measures such as disinfectants, social distancing practices, and masks / face covers.

Rowland says it has been tough on volunteers as there hasn’t been a big break between recent hurricanes. But her heart goes out to those who have been hit several times by the recent disasters.

“People couldn’t repair their homes or any rubble before another storm hit them. So hear the devastation and the voices of the people of uncertainty and don’t know what they are going to do. Do you know to see your house destroyed once, then twice and then three times?!? It’s just unthinkable and heartbreaking, ”said Rowland.

According to Rowland, donating money is the best way for people to help as the money can be used for a variety of different needs of victims.

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