Mobile Women’s March rallies for voting and women’s rights


MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – Mobile advocates for women stood today for the women’s march in solidarity with other supporters across the country.

The Women’s March Mobile took place in Memorial Park. Dozens gathered to focus on women’s rights, of course, but also the importance of voting. Kalla Etheredge, one of the organizers of the March, said, “This is necessary, we need people to rock the vote, we need people to vote. We need change and women will be that change. “Another march visitor, Suzette Brooks, stood with her and said,” It’s absolutely important, young women, old women, all women must protect our rights. “

The Supreme Court appointment of Judge Amy Coney Barrett was also the focus of much discussion and speech. The judge is known to take a conservative stance on issues such as abortion.
Michele Harmon of the South Alabama Handmaids Resistance Coalition spoke of this saying: “With our new judicial appointment, our rights as women are at risk and we are here to show what this might look like in a dystopian reality, should it occur.”

Although women were in the title of the event, many men were also present to show their support. Alexis Bell, another organizer, said: “I have two black daughters and their health, their well-being. Protecting you is my duty and so I feel obliged to stand here and show my appreciation and support. “

At the end of the event, the supporters ended everything with a march for the brand, sang and asked for a different future. Voting again, that is the focus of this event. There are still two days left to register to vote in Alabama.


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