Man on Fish River puts Bible in front of door, prays Hurricane Sally won’t flood house | News


BALDWIN CO, ALA. (WALA) – The pictures are breathtaking and the stories leave you speechless. Hurricane Sally left extensive damage. The FOX10 News drone can see them from above.

Sally really upset Fish River. John Rabur’s house was about to be flooded.

“It was the next morning when the wave from the river really started to rise and came up five feet in about five hours, and then we started having some concerns about what was happening,” Rabur said.

Rabur thought Hurricane Sally had done the worst, but the storm wasn’t over yet. The preparation time was over. Prayer would be his next line of defense.

Rabur said, “As I sat there I thought the Lord could part the Red Sea, so I took my Bible and put it on the bottom of my door. I thought he could stop the Red Sea if he chose and he did blessed us. “

You can see in the FOX10 News drone video that his above-ground pool is now muddy. Flood came up and tumbled in. Rabur said God was looking over his house. Not a drop came in.

“So we were just totally grateful and blessed, thank Jesus for this day,” said Rabur.

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