Hurricane Sally Hits Hard Near Mobile, AL; Affects Rest Of Gulf Coast As Far East …


Sally makes landing as Cat 2 Storm; Now downgraded to tropical storm

HURRICANE SALLY landed in GULF SHORES, AL as a Category 2 Hurricane and has since downgraded to a Major Tropical Storm. SALLY is the latest storm to hit the GOLF COAST from SE LOUISIANA to FLORIDA PANHANDLE less than three weeks after HURRICANE LAURA caused widespread damage from wind, rain and storm surges, according to CNN.

CUMULUS / MOBILE OM JIMMY STEELE updated ALL ACCESS under the following conditions: “It was a heavy blow. Just hours of wall-to-wall coverage! I need to fill content and have two stations with Twp on a low-power backup from the air only WABD is on the air at full power from the main location, with generator power in the studios.

“We are currently providing updates with our TV partner CBS partner WKRG-TV 5 / MOBILE. In a situation like this, being live and local is a great advantage. We can focus on the needs of our listeners by having Providing local assistance by district by district The effects and damage are greatest. “

ACCUWEATHER predicts a 6 to 10 foot storm surge which will be one of the biggest impacts from HURRICANE SALLY. Storm surges arrive before approaching storms as rapidly rising floods. It’s not just the altitude, it’s the movement, the wave motion, and the force of the wave that can lead to so much destruction. These floods are often a greater threat to life and property than the wind, even before a hurricane hits.

Photo: The Weather Channel

President DONALD TRUMP approved emergency statements for LOUISIANA and MISSISSIPPI. LOUISIANA Governor JOHN BEL EDWARDS declared a state of emergency and officials from NEW ORLEANS and BATON ROUGE have ordered residents to evacuate due to wind, rain and life-threatening storm surge. MISSISSIPPI Governor TATE REEVES signed a provisional state of emergency and Governor KAY IVEY issued a state of emergency for ALABAMA.

ALL ACCESS will inform you which radio stations in NEW ORLEANS and in the surrounding areas of SOUTHEAST LOUISIANA as well as MISSISSIPPI and ALABAMA keep their audiences informed of this dangerous storm.

If you have information about your stations’ efforts, just click here.

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